Projects must make a difference - and that difference must be about behaviour.

If a project means nothing to people it is rarely important enough to be completed at all.


My career has brought me through several positions within line and project management in various industries. Key characteristics have been design, development and implementation of processes and IT to improve performance. For the past 8 years my field of work has been project management development within pharmaceutical R&D.


No project without an ambition of change!


In my mind succesful project management goes beyond meeting targets related to scope, time and cost. Projects must also positively impact behavior to qualify for the term "success".


My ambition is to drive implementation of the strategic agenda at the intersection of business, people and technology. Thanks to my broad experience from process industry, consumer service, distribution, public sector as well as pharmaceutical R&D I am able to meet stakeholders at all levels eye to eye.


My particular contribution to leading projects is an ability to creatively span boundaries as well as skills to apply a process perspective and a desire to be involved and deliver!

Kim Kris Christiansen

Versatile project and change manager